It all started in a Southern California darkroom. Developing film with tubs of chemicals and lots of clothespins.

Today, he finds himself in the middle of the pop culture eye of the storm.
Right there. Shooting the biggest icons of this and any generation on the biggest stages to intimate clubs to sparkling red carpets.

And through it all he looks for one thing in his many lenses.


Because for him that's what it's all about.

Pure, unbridled, raw emotion.

That's where the story is. That's all that matters. When you capture emotion you capture the lightning in a bottle.

And it doesn't happen by luck.

Okay, maybe just a bit.

But the rest of it is homework.

Studying the artist beforehand, judging the rhythm of the lights in the moment and waiting…

It doesn't always happen when you think it will. But when it does, then that is when the emotion is captured.

It doesn't matter what kind of music it is. Or what kind of artist. What matters is that when he is done, there are images captured that represent the heart and soul of what he is been fixating on. Images that the artist will find as unforgettable as the audience.

This is not a job. This is not a hobby. And this is not merely a profession.

This is an intense and passionate journey by someone who is doing what he is born to do.

Picture the person that raises the bar a little more every day and challenges himself to capture what no one else has before.

That is the mission.

And that is what he will do for you.

He will see you in ways you may never have imagined yourself. He will also capture everything you've always dreamed of.

Paul Hebert is one of the leaders in photography based in the greater Los Angeles area. A contributor to some of the largest news services in the world including AP/Invision, Getty Images, and Corbis. His work appears daily in worldwide publications including: US Weekly, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, USA Today, People, OK!, InStyle, Billboard, and Maxim to name a few (View our tear sheets section to see more). A seasoned veteran with a photo-journalistic approach to his work. His journalism degree and background ensures he operates with journalistic integrity, and makes him a perfect fit for live event photography as well as an ideal fit for marketing departments looking to accurately document their activation.
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